Meeting room Fasswichs


In the "Fasswichs" the wooden barrels of the former brewery were cleaned and maintained.



Block18 People
Chair circle10 People
U-shape8 People

Room height: 3.00 m
Room area: 80 m²

- Daylight
- Light 250 lux dimmable
- blackout
Bandwidth Internet: 300.000/60.000 kbit/s (down-/upload)

Room rental:
110,00 € / day

plus VAT

Local, remote, hybrid?

The quality of face-to-face collaboration is undisputed and irreplaceable. But since this year at the latest, we have had to rethink the use of digital tools and video conferencing. We have acted swiftly and will soon be offering a new form of hybrid event.

In the rooms Malzlager and Fasswichs we expand the conference technology with a Weframe One. It combines everything groups need to work together more interactively, efficiently and easily in the meeting room. Whether presentations, interactive group work or hybrid meetings using video conferencing - Weframe One covers all these forms of collaboration.

In addition, we have been connected to the fiber optic network since the beginning of this year, so we can guarantee constant Internet performance (300,000/60,000 kbit/s (down/upload)).

Further information: www.weframe.de