In the premises of the former brewery and malt house - Our meeting rooms

Make your seminars and meetings interesting and pleasant...

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Meeting room Malzlager

In fact, in the days of the in-house malt house and brewery, this room was used to store malt until it was processed.

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Meeting room Schroterei

In the former grist mill, the malt was coarsely ground before being processed in the brewery.

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Meeting room Fasswichs

In the "Fasswichs" the wooden barrels of the former brewery used to be cleaned and maintained.

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Meeting room Schalander

In the Schalander, the brewers tasted their beer and provided for their physical well-being.

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The hunting lodge

About 1.5 km from our house, in a clearing in the woods, our idyllic hunting lodge is at your disposal for retreats that benefit from a strong connection with nature.

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Meeting room Bürgersaal

A minute's walk away, on the town square opposite the town hall, the citizens' hall of the municipality of Hohenstein is available for your meetings and events.

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