Digital meeting - very simple

weframe One replaces beamer, flipchart and co. and offers with a digital solution everything moderators and participants need to get the best out of meetings. weframe One consists of an 86" multi-touch display and an easy-to-use software - especially developed for group work.

For more information, please visit:: www.weframe.com



Simply present wirelessly or write & draw via pen - everything fully digital.

Everyone works digitally - simply participate via laptop, tablet or smartphone.

One interface for all: content and templates bring interactive group work.

Conveniently prepare, follow up and manage meetings anytime & anywhere.

Ready for hybrid meetings

weframe One brings digital flexibility and hybrid meetings - for today's meetings and seminars.
With the help of video conferencing, digital and live can be easily integrated.

The connected persons not only see each other but also the digital workspace - so all participants always have the same status to collaborate.

Advantages for presenters:

  • Provides everything you know in digital form.
  • Prepare conveniently from anywhere.
  • Arrive without extra baggage.
  • Activate all participants.
  • Results are available instantly and digitally.
  • In Manager, you can manage meetings centrally, anytime, anywhere.
  • Raise your profile in digital group work.

Advantages for participants:

  • Get started ad-hoc: no registration or installation required.
  • Quickly contribute ideas, questions, and content as images, text, or video.
  • Real participant interactions: Anyone can easily contribute digitally.
  • Participate and collaborate via video conferencing from anywhere.
  • Meetings and conferences that are fun and results that everyone has contributed to.