News about the effects of the corona virus on our hotel

Dear guests and friends,
the corona virus keeps us all in suspense. On this page we want to keep you up to date on the effects in our hotel.
If you have any questions, you can contact us by e-mail (info@speidels-brauereile.de) or by phone on +49 (0)7387 98900.
Get through this difficult time safely - stay healthy!
We look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant and hotel.
Best regards,
Your family Speidel and the BrauManufaktur team


Brief overview - what is the current status?

Our restaurant is closed
Our hotel is closed

Is there a reservation requirement? The restaurant regulation does not provide for a reservation requirement. But we always recommend a reservation, not that we don't have any free space afterwards.
Do I have to wear mouth and nose protection as a guest? Yes, you are required to wear a mouth and nose protection away from your table
Do I have to leave my contact details? In order to be able to trace the chains of infection further, the guests must give their name, address and the duration of the visit. The data are used exclusively to provide information to the health department or the local police authority in the event of a possible infection. Unfortunately, those who do not want to provide their details are not allowed to visit us. The data will be deleted after four weeks and will not be used for advertising or similar purposes
How many people can I meet in the restaurant? A maximum of 10 people or 2 households can sit at one table
Can I choose a table? Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to choose a seat. Our team will be happy to show you your table
Do you have to wear mouth and nose protection? People over the age of six must wear an MNB on other traffic areas in the hotel, especially hallways and stairwells.
Are data collected? Yes, as before, a registration form and contact tracking must be filled out.
What applies to sharing a room? Two different households are allowed to spend the night in one room.
Conferences, workshops and seminars are allowed to a limited extent
There are no special legal regulations for company events for up to 20 people, the generally applicable hygiene regulations, distance rules, entry and participation bans (washing hands, avoiding body contact, coughing and sneezing labels, staying at home if symptoms of illness etc.)
Conferences and club events for up to 100 people are legally permitted. Our hygiene concept allows conferences for up to 30 people

Local, remote, hybrid?

The quality of personal cooperation is undisputed and irreplaceable. But since this year at the latest, a rethink has to be made, the use of digital tools and video conferences have become indispensable. We acted quickly and will soon be offering a new form for hybrid events

In the Malzlager and Fasswichs rooms, we are expanding the conference technology with a Weframe One. It combines everything that groups need to work together more interactively, more efficiently and more easily in the meeting room. Whether presentations, interactive group work or hybrid meetings using video conferencing - Weframe One covers all of these forms of collaboration.
In addition, we have been connected to the fiber optic network since 2020, so we can guarantee a constant performance of the Internet (300,000 / 60,000 kbit / s (down- / upstream))

Further informations: www.weframe.de

Birthdays, baptisms, weddings and family celebrations are again allowed
For celebrations of up to 20 people there are no special legal regulations, the generally applicable hygiene regulations, distance rules, entry and participation bans apply (hand washing, avoiding body contact, coughing and sneezing labels, staying at home if symptoms of illness etc.)
From 20 to 100 people (not just close family members) we collect the data of the guests (name, address, date and duration of the visit), the minimum distance of 1.5 meters is not required by law, but we ensure that there is sufficient distance
From 100 to 500 people there is a minimum distance of 1.5 meters
Is dancing allowed again? Yes, dancing is allowed again. The ban on dancing only applies to events where dancing is an integral part. Of course, the distance must also be maintained here depending on the size of the group
Is a champagne reception possible? Yes, it must take place as part of the event and the above requirements apply (depending on the group size)

Insights into our revised safety and hygiene concept

Cleanliness and hygiene have always been our top priority. Due to the current situation, we have further tightened our safety and hygiene concept. We want to achieve maximum security for our employees and guests. Our hygiene concept applies regardless of the group size:



All employees have been trained in the revised hygiene concept
Previous cleaning work will be intensified
All employees are equipped with washable mouth and nose protection masks
We are temporarily adding to our work clothing - our employees wear mouth and nose protection masks in all areas where the distance regulation of 1.5 meters cannot be adhered to
All employees with signs of a cold must stay at home
Before starting work: take a fever
One employee is assigned to disinfect door handles etc. on a daily basis.
The incoming goods process has been optimized in order to severely restrict contact with external persons

Restaurant / public areas

We keep our distance. All tables were arranged with one of 1.5 meters - your positive side effect: more privacy
In the open air - also on our terrace, we keep a safe distance
We create space: Plexiglass panes were installed in several areas. We have defined walking routes so that there are fewer contact points
We have changed the tables in the restaurant to dispense with table linen so that they can be more easily disinfected
Increased ventilation of the catering rooms
Breakfast is temporarily no longer offered as a buffet
Menu / à la carte instead of buffets
Cutlery is covered with separate gloves
Use of paper napkins instead of cloth napkins
Public toilet: cleaning several times a day, disinfectant for the toilet seat is available in the women's toilets in every cubicle
Disinfection stations have been set up throughout the hotel



Reception / hotel / room

Plexiglas between reception staff - guest
The room cards are disinfected after each use
No fruit basket at the reception
One-time mouth and nose masks can be bought at reception
Elevator: A maximum of 1 person or family / couples permitted, buttons are disinfected several times a day
Disinfection stations have been set up throughout the hotel
Disinfection of all light switches / handles / remote controls etc. with every cleaning
Ventilate the room for the entire cleaning time of approx. 30 minutes with the balcony door fully open
In addition, until the restrictions are lifted: Rooms remain unoccupied for 24 hours after occupancy

Meetings & events

Allocation of extra large conference rooms
Seating: We recommend 1 table per participant, or "space free - space occupied" rule, talk to us, we would be happy to work out a seating plan together
You meet in a smaller group than expected and participants join in via video conference. No problem our new fiber optic connection has the necessary power
Snacks and drinks: Instead of a buffet, we will prepare a catering island on the table for each participant
Lunch: The "Weiche" conference package includes lunch from the Alb Fit buffet. We will rebook this (free of charge) into a menu
In the evening we set up your team separately so that you can enjoy the evening to the fullest ("space available - space occupied" rule)
Meetings in the countryside - take advantage of the seclusion of our hunting lodge