Our certificates

Die Biosphärengastgeber

Hoteliers and restaurateurs in and around the biosphere area have joined forces to form the biosphere hosts in order to underline their attachment to this unique cultural landscape and the performance they have given to their work. The biosphere hosts are proud of their region and feel obliged to it.

Partner Biosphärengebiet Schwäbische Alb

Since 2000 there have been cooperation programs between protected areas and mainly tourist businesses. Companies located in the region are recognized as "partners" if they meet high quality and environmental standards in accordance with national guidelines and act as ambassadors in their region. In total there are currently 22 so-called "partner initiatives" in Germany with around 800 partner companies.


The 250 best conference hotels in Germany

We have been accepted since April 2009. We participated in three categories in the competition and received the following placements:

  • Event:           2nd place
  • Exam            Place 4
  • Seminar       Place 7
  • Meeting        Place 10



The sustainability seal for the hotel industry
GreenSign comprises seven core areas for sustainable business:
  • Management and communication
  • Environment (energy, water and waste)
  • Purchasing
  • Regionality and mobility
  • Quality management and sustainable development
  • Social responsibility
  • Economic responsibility
These are an expression of continuous quality assurance and responsible shaping of the future. Altogether there are level 1 to level 5 (highest level), we are certified for level 4.

"Schmeck den Süden"-Gastronomen

The "Schmeck den Süden. Baden-Württemberg" restaurateurs are the state-wide association of regionally working restaurants and set the standard for trustworthy, regional enjoyment. Only dishes whose raw materials can be proven to come from Baden-Württemberg may be labeled as dishes. The more lions a restaurant has been awarded, the more regional raw materials are used. This is checked regularly.
In April 2016, Dieter Speidel, founding member, was awarded a regional menu for 20 years.


Meistervereinigung Gastronom e.V.

For 60 years we have been a strong gastronomic community, unique in Europe, offering good Baden-Württemberg hospitality, from inns to starred restaurants, a collegial network from which committed masters benefit as much as your employees.


Wanderbares Deutschland - Qualitätsgastgeber

The German Hiking Association has been setting national quality standards for more than nine years with the "Quality Hosts Wanderbaren Deutschland". In the meantime, more than 1,600 Quality Hosts Wanderbaren Deutschland in all regions have adapted to the needs of hikers Equipment is a matter of course here.

Service Qualität Deutschland

Quality is becoming more and more important for all of us. It is good when services are optimized. Better if they are also certified. Best of all, if this is done according to a proven quality management process that can offer noticeable improvements.


Ausgezeichnete Architektur - Baukultur Schwäbische Alb

For the second time, our hotel building with its very special architecture receives a prize!!

The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, together with the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects (Reutlingen / Tübingen) and the Tübingen Regional Council, awarded our house.

"Baukulturinitiative Schwäbische Alb" - from the tender text:

The building culture of a society is not limited to spectacular large buildings, but rather proves itself in the design of buildings for everyday life. The aim of the award procedure is to track down exemplary architecture in a specific context in life and to recognize architects and the client for their commitment.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the team from the Reutlingen architectural office Ulrich Schwille.