Corporate mission

Since 1763, we, the Speidel families, have been running our family-owned business. We want to use our strength for many generations to come: Preserving the tradition of warm hospitality, changeable and growing with the demands of time, here in this place, in the wonderful landscape of the Swabian Alb, which we love with all our hearts.

The natural change of the time has left its traces in our house: The brewery inn was fundamentally renovated in 1970 and guest rooms were added, at that time with a swimming pool heated by brewery cooling water. In 1978, the brewery had to cease operations. The main focus of our activity was then on the pub, which became a popular eating place.

When in 1990 the renewal of the brewing tradition was on the agenda, it quickly became clear that the empty brewery buildings should be revived. They characterize the village of Ödenwaldstetten and give it a unique silhouette that is visible from afar here on the Alb. Preserving this silhouette was and is a great concern for us, because for us, preserving the visible structure is just as much a part of protecting our homeland as preserving the landscape.

In 2005 the hotel annex was built. The formal language of the structure and the materials of the exterior facade are taken from the basic elements of village, Swabian architecture and thus remind us of the farms that once stood on this site. In 2008, again in the fallow rooms, new meeting rooms were set up, which have not lost the original brewing character despite the change of use in terms of content.

Generation after generation, we make it possible for our guests to feel at home, to spend pleasurable days or hours in our house and to appreciate the beauty of the area. As "Taste the South of Baden-Württemberg" innkeepers, we have been using products from the region in our kitchen with great success for over 10 years. In addition to the short procurement routes, the benefit lies in the support of producers in the region. From the Alb for the Alb. Whether Hohenstein cheese, Alb buffalo, Meidelstetten lentils or Ehestetter mushrooms, each of these products serves to preserve the region from which we benefit so much.

We know that our environment is our greatest potential. Therefore, it is our concern to further strengthen the awareness for active environmental protection and careful, responsible use of resources in setting the course for future generations. With the implementation of the environmental management GreenSign we pursue a constant improvement of the measures for environmental protection and a consistent implementation of all goals and plans.

In our brewery, we work strictly according to the German Purity Law, which allows us to use only a few, selected and natural raw materials for the production of the product "beer". Symbolically we want to transfer this purity law to all parts of our company and give it the following content:

  • We place particular emphasis on permanently saving energy and water, and on reducing waste and emissions. We also avoid substances that are harmful to the environment, such as those contained in many cleaning agents and detergents. In addition, we also try to sensitize our guests and employees in the area of environmental protection.
  • Commitment to nature conservation: As a biosphere area partner, we are committed to preserving the natural and cultural landscape worthy of protection in various ways:
    1. Our food producers obtain their raw materials largely from the biosphere area and the counties participating in the biosphere area. The raw material suppliers must adhere to special production criteria of the biosphere area. These include, for example, a fixed percentage of extensive areas or the renunciation of genetic engineering and grain stalk shorteners.
    2. We caterers mainly process these regionally produced products and thus promote the sale of these products.
    3. Information centers, educational partners, and nature and landscape guides explain connections between management of cultural landscapes and ecology.
    4. In addition, the biosphere area partners collect donations for nature conservation projects.
  • Our employees are the heart of the hotel and make it come alive. They welcome our guests and make them feel welcome. They fulfill their tasks with pleasure and orient themselves to high quality and service standards. The cooperation is characterized by respect and appreciation for each other. This enables our team to deliver top performance at all times. Speidel's BrauManufaktur encourages its employees to see meaning in their work. Their personalities grow and mature through individual and collective development. In this way, we live sustainability for our employees and expand their professional opportunities in the hotel and on the free labor market. This leads to innovations for the hotel and a good operating result.
  •  Hotel Speidel's BrauManufaktur sees itself as a company with social responsibility. Thus, we only work with partners and customers who act morally in the market. Our code says that we do not cooperate with companies that act immorally and violate ethical principles. In this way, we uphold ethical principles in order to create sustainable value for future generations.
  • Success requires knowing the needs and expectations of stakeholders. We maintain intensive and long-standing relationships with employees, junior staff, customers, neighbors, suppliers and other partners. Behind our collaborations is not only the desire to be supportive in society, but also to learn about external perspectives on our own actions.
  •  In designing, managing and developing all our corporate processes, we pursue the goal of maintaining and promoting health, performance and success for the company and all its employees.
  • Your well-being is close to our hearts! ServiceQualität Deutschland marks our systematic commitment to improving service and quality. Our QualityChoaches Timo Zottmann and Christina Speidel maintain and improve our quality principles in regular audits.


The management of the Brauerei Gasthof Lamm GmbH, in particular Mrs. Tina Speidel, is responsible for operational environmental protection.

We undertake to permanently control and improve our performance for environmental protection in annual internal audits. If necessary, the environmental policy will be adapted to the current conditions. Furthermore, we commit ourselves to comply with all relevant legal regulations, relevant environmental laws and corresponding regulations.


Speidel family