Hops and malt ... - in Speidel's beer seminar you make beer out of them

Mashing in, lautering, sparging ... get to know the processes of brewing beer in rubber boots and an apron, explore the world of beer, blindly taste famous types of beer, enjoy Speidel's unique beer dishes ...
We have put together three programs for you:
"Brauerlehrling - Brewer's apprentice"
"Brauergeselle - Journeyman brewer"
"Braumeister - Brewmaster"
The course and content of the seminar are the same in all programs. They differ in the range of dishes that our kitchen pampers you with between the individual work phases. You can find dates here: open beer seminar For groups of 10 people or more, please contact us directly with your appointment requests
Please note that our beer seminars are only held in German. It is not possible to translate it yourself due to the word games.


Greeting in Speidel's Brauerei'le
Entry into the ongoing brewing process
After this first step, we pamper body and mind with boiled beers:
Soup / Starter
The beer season
  Urtyp, Maibock, Feuerwehrbier.. Why?
Let yourself be surprised!
Main course
Lauter tub, brewing pan, haps
It can also happen that you get to know an apron and rubber boots.
Fermentation cellar and storage cellar
Believe you determined "GROßEgoldFARBENEklareBLANKEpilsbiereDERextraKLASSE" can recognize? Attention! After this rehearsal, many people needed psychological support.
Around 10.30 pm
Final exam.
It will be worth it for the best in the group!

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